Timber Lakes Volunteer Fire Department News

Timber Lakes VFD Firefighters Save A Life

Congratulations to Timber Lakes VFD and MCHD for saving the life of Mr. Frederick Lowe of Timber Lakes Timber Ridge.


From the left to right Mr. Frederick Lowe, Chief Josh Kennedy, Lieutenant Brandon Sanosn, Firefighter Randy Sanson, (Not in pitcher) Asst. Chief James Croft

Recently, The Timber Lakes Volunteer Fire Department took part in a “save reunion” hosted by the Montgomery County Hospital District. On March 16, 2016 Mr.Frederick Lowe pictured on left had a cardiac event in which his heart went in to a deadly arrhythmia called ┬áVentricular Tachycardia or “V-Tach”. TLVFD Responders Chief Josh Kennedy, Assistance Chief James Croft (not pictured), Lieutenant Brandon Sanson, And Firefighter Randy Sanson assisted MCHD Paramedics as the life saving interventions took place. Mr Lowe made a full recovery and is very thankful for the responders that saved his life. This is TLVFD’s first recorded “Save” with MCHD EMS. Congratulations to all!


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